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Simple restorative work (fillings) are performed to replace tooth tissue lost or damaged because of dental decay, trauma, or to replace failed restorations. We offer fillings in dental amalgam (silver fillings) or composite resin (white fillings). In certain circumstances we may also use a material called Glass Ionomer (also tooth coloured). A local anaesthetic will be advised if preparation of the tooth is required, although ultimately the choice is yours. We always shape restorations to mimic the natural anatomy of the tooth. It is important to contour the filling to mimic nature as it prevents unwanted future changes in the position of the teeth, something which can lead to jaw problems and predispose you to further tooth decay and gum disease.


Tooth coloured fillings are made of a material called composite resin. Composite resin is basically a plastic which contains hard particles. The filling is bonded (glued) to your tooth. Composite restorations are normally placed under rubber dam, which is a way of isolating the tooth from the rest of your mouth, preventing the bond from being weakened due to moisture contamination. The filling will be shaped to mimic the natural anatomy of the tooth, the colour will be matched to that of your tooth and characterisation and stains can be added to further disguise the presence of the filling. The filling will then be polished so it feels glassy-smooth. Current studies show composite resin fillings to be every bit as durable as silver fillings, when they are placed in the proper manner, using the best materials.


A silver filling is a filling made of dental amalgam, which mainly consists of the metal silver and has a silvery appearance. Dental amalgam is a hard-wearing material which may be used to restore the back teeth. Dental amalgam, being a metal, does not mimic the natural colour of teeth.

Recently, there have been health concerns raised regarding the use of dental amalgam. These concerns are due to the fact that a constituent of this material is mercury. All the available evidence, derived from numerous high-quality studies, indicate there is negligible health risk posed by amalgam restorations. We never use pins to hold amalgam fillings in place, instead bonding restorations to the tooth.


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