Dental Implants in Carlisle, Cumbria


Dental implants are the ultimate way to replace lost teeth.  They give you the full function and feel of real teeth.

A dental implant mimics nature: it is designed to be firmly anchored in the jaw, thus acting as an artificial tooth root.  This is then used to hold a dental crown in place. The implant is basically a small screw made of titanium – a material which is well-tolerated by the human body, being referred to as bio-compatible.

The dental implant is surgically inserted under local anaesthetic. Once healed, the implant acts as a base for the visible top of the tooth. The dental implant can be used to replace an individual tooth, multiple teeth, or all teeth.

Implants can also be used as a base to support and anchor dentures. A regular denture rests on the gums, and is prone to moving. An implant-supported denture is firmly held in place, not moving and proving much greater biting force.


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