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We offer the services of our skilled dental hygienist. Dental hygiene is of huge importance, not just in terms of maintain a healthy set of teeth, but for overall health too.

Increasingly, studies are showing links between poor oral hygiene, gum disease and systemic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. Currently, advanced gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in the UK. With all of this in mind, maintaining good gum health is of paramount importance. The current advice, based on evidence derived from numerous studies, is to brush twice daily with a toothpaste containing at least 1000ppm fluoride, for not less than two minutes. Cleaning between the teeth with floss or interdental brushes on a daily basis is also advised. Regular visits to the dental hygienist allows you to identify any deficiencies in your cleaning routine and improve it accordingly.

Jackie, our hygienist, will provide a whole mouth clean, removing any solidified plaque deposits and staining, followed by a polish. She will discuss your current cleaning routine, identify any areas you are missing when cleaning and provide advice on maintaining good gum health.


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