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We believe a thorough dental examination takes time and we will never make you feel rushed. During your examination we will first discuss any queries, concerns or problems you have. You should expect a thorough examination of your neck and the area under your jaw to be performed, followed by an examination of the muscles that control your jaw and then jaw joint function. We will examine the soft tissues in your mouth, performing a full oral cancer screen. Only after this will we go on to look at your teeth and then the health of your gums.

Any findings will be discussed with you. Should treatment be required, we will fully discuss the options available.

Our aim is that you leave each dental exam knowing fully the health of your mouth, how you can improve your oral health and any treatment we advise.

We are open and up front regarding the costs of treatment and you will leave with a printed treatment plan and financial estimate, should you require and consent to further treatment.


X-rays, or radiographs, are taken for a variety of reasons within dentistry. They may be taken routinely to ensure that dental decay is not missed in hard-to-view areas, such as between the back teeth, or under large fillings. They may also be taken routinely to check the bone levels supporting your teeth. Radiographs will also be taken prior to performing certain treatments, such as crown and bridge work or before fabricating a metal denture. Radiographs are also routinely used during root canal treatment, allowing us to check for curvature in roots, identify areas of infection and to assess the quality of the finished treatment. They may also be used during the diagnosis of dental pain.

Many people voice concern about the radiation dose that they receive during the exposure of a radiograph. Please rest assured that the dose you receive is minimal. The measurement of exposure to radiation is millisieverts (mSv). An average dental x-ray exposes you to 0.005 mSv. For comparison, eating 100g of Brazil nuts exposes you to 0.01mSv, or the same as two dental x-rays, and a flight to America exposes you to 0.08mSv, or the same as sixteen dental x-rays. It can therefore be seen that the dose you receive is of almost no significance. We are governed by legislation relating to the exposure of dental radiographs and will take as few radiographs as we reasonably can.


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