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Cosmetic dentistry is the field of dentistry concerned with improving the appearance of the teeth and smile. This may be achieved by lightening the colour of the teeth, altering their position or changing their size and shape. Read on to find out more about the treatments we provide, giving you the smile you have always dreamed of.


It may be desired to move the teeth into a more favourable position, purely for aesthetic purposes. We offer two forms of short-term orthodontic treatment: clear aligners and wired orthodontics. There are benefits and drawbacks to each system, something which we will discuss with you. Short-term orthodontics does not attempt to fix any major problems with the way the teeth come together, but instead alter the position of the front teeth only, so a more attractive smile is created. On average, treatment time will be around six months.


Tooth whitening is performed to lighten the colour of the teeth. It is the least damaging way to improve the colour of the teeth, the alternative being veneer treatment. Using a gel containing carbamide peroxide, the teeth can be whitened many shades lighter.

The most stable and predictable way to whiten teeth is by using a tray system. Impressions will be taken of your teeth and custom-made trays fabricated. These are then fitted to your teeth, ensuring the correct fit. An appropriate strength of gel will be provided, allowing you to gradually achieve the result you desire. Over time there is a degree of fade, the teeth eventually returning to their original colour. The length of time this take depends on many factors such as smoking, drinking coffee and tea and other dietary factors. The main risk with tooth whitening is tooth sensitivity. Your suitability for the treatment will be assessed and if we feel the risk of sensitivity is too high we will advise against this treatment.


Veneers are used to improve the appearance of teeth if they are worn, cracked, discoloured or poorly aligned. In essence, a veneer is an artificial porcelain facing, which is cemented to the tooth. The tooth is prepared and each veneer custom made by a skilled technician. Beautiful results area achieved.

Veneers may be fabricated from composite (white filling material), porcelain or compressed ceramic. The process of making a veneer is similar to that of making a crown. Two appointments are required. At the first visit a thin layer of the front surface of the tooth is removed, an impression is taken and sent to a dental technician and a temporary covering placed. At the next appointment, using a strong bond, the veneer is cemented in place. Due to the minimal preparation of tooth, there is minimal damage inflicted. The main risk with veneers is of debonding or fracture of the veneer in the long-term.


Advancements in bonding technology and white filling materials have opened the door to a new and exciting area of cosmetic dentistry: cosmetic composite bonding. By using the highest quality white filling materials, the shape, size and colour of the teeth can be altered and spaces between the teeth can be closed. The benefits of composite bonding, over more traditional veneer treatments, are only one appointment is required for composite bonding and minimum damage is inflicted to the teeth, resulting in less long-term risk to the dentition.


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