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Dental Bridges in Carlisle, Cumbria


A dental bridge is a method of restoring a space due to missing teeth within the mouth. A bridge is attached to one or two teeth either side of the space. There are two main types of bridge. The first is classed as a conventional bridge. The tooth or teeth that hold the conventional bridge are “prepared”, with some of the tooth being ground away. The bridge is made to fit over the abutment tooth or teeth and is then cemented into place using a strong adhesive. As with crown preparation, this preparation does damage the abutment tooth/teeth and so there is a small risk of future complications.

The second type of bridge is termed an acid-etch bridge (Maryland bridge) and very minimal preparation of the abutment tooth is performed. A wing of metal or ceramic is bonded to the abutment tooth. Acid etch bridges are not always the ideal choice, suitability depending on how your top and bottom teeth come together, how many teeth you have and if the abutment tooth is restored. As with all treatments risks and benefits must be considered.


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