Covid-19 Update

Your dental care during the Covid-19 pandemic

Your dental care during covid-19 pandemic

Following the Governments update, our practice will reopen on June the 8th. We will post the latest information here, on our website.

Covid-19 Update

At present, we are working hard to put in place all required measures and to source protective equipment, allowing us to open on the 8th of June.  We aim to be able to offer all required treatments from the 8th of June.  Initially, we will be helping patients who have dental problems and we will have to prioritise patients who have been suffering pain over the last two months.  Following this, we aim to phase back in towards a “normal” service.

There are some subtle differences to the service we offer, that we would like to make you aware of:

If you call to make an appointment, you will be asked some screening questions. We’ll ask you those same questions again at your appointment- sorry about this repetition: It’s a belt and braces approach, aimed at reducing risk for everyone.

We will request you to use our hand sanitiser as soon as you enter the building.  We will do the same once your appointment is complete.

You will also notice that the dental team may be wearing different protective equipment to what you are used to seeing

Appointments will be managed to allow for social distancing between patients. That means there is less flexibility with regards appointment times.  It is our aim to have only one patient in the building at a time, thus reducing the risk of social contact.

Covid-19 FAQ’s

1) Can I book an appointment? I normally just pop into the practice to make them, can I still do this?

At present, we are operating what is termed a closed-door policy. If you require an appointment, phone us on 01228 528022 so we can discuss what you require.

2) Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

At present we request that you attend your appointment alone, unless you are under the age of 16 or require assistance due to mobility issues, for example.  This is to ensure we maintain social distance, ensuring everyone’s safety.

3) Is it safe to have treatment at present?

We are following the latest evidence-based guidance and are working to the gold standard of this guidance, ensuring your safety.  Social distancing will be fully implemented, staff will be tested for coronavirus and rigorous cleaning and isolation of treatment rooms will be in place. All of these changes will be discussed with you when you book your appointment.

4) What should I do if I feel unwell before my visit?

If you show symptoms following appointment booking, you should contact the practice by phone to discuss your symptoms with us.

5) What differences should I expect from my visit?

We’ve summarised the key changes in our Covid Safety section.

6) I’m classed as a vulnerable person and I’m self-isolating, but I have toothache-what can I do?

Please phone the practice.  At the very least we can offer advice and may be able to prescribe something for you which will help with your symptoms.  Please do not suffer in silence.

It will likely be some time before dental services return to what you previously experienced as normal.

Covid-19 Safety


We will send you forms to complete before your appointment.  We will contact you by phone, prior to you appointment to go over some of those questions again

Arrival etiquette

We aim to have only one patient in the practice at a time.  Please ensure you don’t turn up too early or be late. Please come alone, unless necessary, and only bring essential belongings.

Social distancing

We have adjusted our waiting area and spaced out appointments.  The aim is to have only one patient in the building at a time.

Protective equipment

You will notice all staff will be wearing protective equipment.

Maintain excellent hygiene

You must clean your hands as you enter the practice using the antibacterial gel we provide.

More frequent, deeper cleans

We are performing deeper, thorough and more frequent cleans – especially in our surgeries. These are scheduled throughout the day to fit around appointments.  Following some procedures, the room will be left dormant for one hour, prior to deep cleaning.  This eliminates any possible risk of coronavirus transmission.

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